From Pre-K to 8th Grade

Music Materials for

General Music &  Music Memory

Music Memory materials are great for in-class and online learning! The materials are suitable for Pre-K through 8th Grade. Our videos, audio recordings, and PowerPoints can all be seamlessly integrated into any LMS (Canvas, Google Classroom, Microsoft 365) or classroom website!

Students who study these presentations will learn the answers

to these five questions:

  • Who are some of the most recognized composers for band, choral, keyboard and orchestral literature?

  • What are some interesting facts about the composers' lives and their music?

  • What are some well-known literature selections for band, choir, keyboard, and orchestra?

  • Which key musical elements are important in band, choral, keyboard, and orchestral literature?

  • Who are some renowned conductors and performers of band, choral, keyboard, and orchestral literature?

Students who study these presentations will also be prepared  to participate in the Texas UIL and PSIA Music Memory Programs


Basic Package


  • Recordings of 16 music selections

  • Recordings of Practice Test Tracks

  • PDF files with materials for 16 selections
    (Color & B/W Listening Maps)

  • Complete Lesson Plans

  • Wall Signs

  • Composer Portraits

  • Puzzles & Review Activities

  • Practice Testing Materials

  • Movement Activities


AND MIGHTY LESSON KIT containing 16 video presentations of Composer Cards, Video Lessons highlighting key musical elements, Animated VideoMaps, and a Quick Quiz.