Free Music Memory Resources for Online Teaching related to COVID-19

Dear Mighty Music Educator:

If your school is taking precautionary measures against Coronavirus and you are in need of a
quick and easy way to engage your students online, look no further than your Music Memory

For immediate use with your students, we have put the final four selections online. The materials
shared are the Mighty Lesson Kit including Composer Information, Mini-Lesson, Animated
Listening Map, and the Quick Quiz. They can be viewed on computers, iPads, and smartphones.
Turn the screen sideways on the phone for full viewing.

These are all unlisted, so you will need the links to view them:

13 Schubert - Trout Quintet - Movement 4


14 Rachmaninoff Vocalise

15 T. Giordani Caro mio ben

16 Prokofiev Romeo and Juliet - Dance of the Knights


In addition, there are 2 excellent review resources on our website- the Official List with 30
seconds of each piece played, and the Sampler with short sections of each Animated Listening
Map showcased.

For more extensive teaching activities, our videos, audio recordings, and PowerPoints can all be
seamlessly integrated into any LMS (Canvas, Google Classroom, Microsoft 365). Feel free to
use any of the materials you have purchased!

Post VideoMaps into an assignment for your students to view at home, turn Quick Quizzes and
Checking for Understandings into Quiz Assignments, and use our Theme Bank clips for
assessments! Our PowerPoint Lessons are already packaged for digital learning (don’t forget to
use the voice recorder to support students with reading challenges, for example, read the
Background pages as they are shown on the screen). Visit our website for more tips and tricks on
using Music Memory online!

How are you using your Music Memory materials for digital learning? Let us know and
your tips could be featured on our website!

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