Early Childhood Supplement (21)


For use with students in Pre-K through 1st grades.


Suggested lesson plan for Early Childhood students using the Music Memory materials could include the following as appropriate for your students.

Have students:

  • Perform the Kinesthetic Title along with the video provided in the Music Memory Teacher Guide.

  • Watch the Animated Listening Video Map provided in the Music Memory Teacher Guide.

  • Play a Freeze Dance game as they listen to the audio track of the music. Change up the movement for different selections to keep students interested and work different motor skills. For example, students could gallop during Wagner, dance with scarves during Falla, march to a steady beat for Bach, or walk with one shoe off for Beethoven (to show strong/weak beats). Students may also enjoy wearing different items related to each piece. For example, give students paper crowns to wear during the Bach, or have students use scarves like capes for the Wagner.

  • Complete one or both Activity Pages from the Music Memory Activity Book - Early Childhood Student Booklet as they listen to the audio track of the music.

  • Look at the Master Artwork suggested in the Curriculum Connections portion of the lesson in the Music Memory Teacher Guide as the teacher reads the paragraph about the artwork and the music.​

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