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Mighty Fun Games (25)

**Only available when one of the Teacher's Guide Packages has been purchased**


Digital Download containing 3 Interactive Computer Games for Full-Class Review of all 16 selections:


Trivia Game

Fish Babble

Lucky Squares


Designed for PC and Mac users.

Mighty Fun Games (25)

  • The Fish Babble Game is a Vocabulary game. Students pick letters by selecting them from the left-hand box (when a letter is selected it will disappear). If the letter is in the word, the teacher selects its position(s) in the word to make it appear. If student picks an incorrect letter, click the “X” button and part of the fish will appear. On the seventh click, the fish will swim away! If the student gets the whole word before the fish swims away, click the “check” button for a special surprise!


    The Trivia Game is a review game of Listening, Instruments, Composers, History and General Music. To play the game, divide the class into 2 or more groups. Each team will need something to write their answers. Teams take turns selecting what question the class will answer.  You can choose to award points to the team that answers the fastest or to any team that answers it correctly. Those teams answering correctly will be awarded points.


    The Lucky Squares Game is a Listening Identification Game. Separate the class into two teams.
    Starting with Team 1, choose a student to come to the board and press (or click) whichever PLAY button they choose. The student listens to the excerpt and names which selection is being played.
    The teacher may choose how students answer (i.e. full selection title, composer name only, major work only, selection title only, or category). Then, the student tosses a bean bag lightly at the interactive white board to reveal a number of points that will be awarded to that student’s team (1-4 points). To play without an interactive whiteboard simply have the student CLICK on any of the checkerboard squares to reveal a number of points. Once all 16 selections have been used, the team with the most number of points is the winner.

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