PP Print Binder w Discs +6 Handbooks/FDs (21)


Print Binder with Disks PLUS: 6 Student Handbooks with Flashdrives, MIGHTY MUSIC FUN GAMES: ENGAGE! and MIGHTY POWERPOINT LESSONS

Basic Teacher’s Guide including: Recordings of 16 music selections, Recordings of Practice Test Tracks, PDF files with materials for 16 selections - Color & B/W Listening Maps, Complete Lesson Plans, Wall Signs, Composer Portraits, Puzzles & Review Activities, Practice Testing Materials, Movement Activities, AND MIGHTY LESSON KIT containing 16 video presentations of Composer Cards, Video Lessons highlighting key musical elements, Animated VideoMaps and a Quick Quiz.

PP Print Binder w Discs +6 Handbooks/FDs (21)

  • Includes 6 Student Handbooks with Student Flashdrives designed for Independent Practice with Listening Selections and Listening Maps, Reader’s Theater Scripts, Background/Composer Information, Checking for Understanding and Glossary. Audio includes 16 complete selections with titles and composer names announced.

    Includes MIGHTY FUN GAMES: ENGAGE! - A flashdrive containing 3 Interactive Computer Games for Full-Class review of all 16 selections designed for PC and Mac users.

    Includes MIGHTY POWERPOINT LESSONS – a flashdrive containing 16 PowerPoint presentations that combine Composer Background Information, the Mighty Lesson Kit video presentations, Live Performance Links and Alternate Version Performance Links.

    Includes a 3-Ring Binder with printed Teacher Organization Information, all new Lesson Plans with Notated Themes, Background/Composer Information, B/W Listening Maps, Official Practice Test forms/answer sheets, Wall Signs and STARR, TEKS and National Music Standards Correlations, Activity Pages, Flashcards, Composer Portraits, Review Games, Substitute Activities, Reader’s Theater Scripts, Movement Activities, and Timeline Masters for historical context information.

    Also included are “Picture Assessments” for mainstreamed and ESL learners featuring graphics from the maps.

    Also included: Recordings of 16 music selections, Theme Bank Audio Tracks and Official Practice Test recordings for assessment and contest preparation;

    PLUS -

    Set contains 16 Mighty Lesson Kit video presentations. Features enhanced Composer Information Cards, a Mini-Lesson that identifies key musical elements, Animated VideoMaps, and a Quick Quiz for each selection. Richly colored, FLASH-animated maps visually reinforce themes, melodic contour, rhythm, form, instrument tone color, style, historical context and more!

    Full-Color Listening Map PDF files included to:
    * Project on a screen
    * Create transparencies
    * Print on paper