Using Music to Enhance Student Learning
Using Music to Enhance Student Learning: A Practical Guide for Classroom Teachers,
2nd Edition
By Dr. Jana Fallin and Mollie G. Tower
Published in 2014 by Routledge Publishers, London, England

Integrating musical activities in the elementary school classroom can assist in effectively teaching and engaging students in Language Arts, Science, Math, and Social Studies, while also boosting mental, emotional and social development. However, many elementary education majors fear they lack the needed musical skills to use music successfully. Future elementary school teachers need usable, practical musical strategies to easily infuse into their curriculum.

Written for both current and future teachers with little or no previous experience in music, Using Music to Enhance Student Learning, 2nd Edition offers strategies that are not heavily dependent on musical skills. While many textbooks are devoted to teaching music theory skills, this textbook is dedicated to pedagogy - the actual teaching of music - particularly in those schools without a separate music class in their curriculum. The ultimate goal is for future teachers to provide their elementary school classes with engaging learning experiences. These learning experiences are clearly presented to enable children to acquire knowledge in all subject areas within a joyful, creative environment rich with music activities.

New to the second edition are the animated listening maps, more audio tracks, a new guitar unit, expanded coverage in the recorder unit, a connection with visual art and music, expanded activities in American history and math, and updated research and statistics.

Using Music to Enhance Student Learning


    * Animated "Listening Maps" help listeners focus on music selections through clear visual representations of sound.

    * Group Activities reinforce the social aspects of music-making, as well as the benefits of collaborative teaching and learning.

    * A thorough integration of music in the curriculum establishes that music is essential in a child’s development, and that the incorporation of music will enhance all other subjects/activities in the classroom.

    * Learning Aids include "Tantalizing Tidbits of Research," which provide the justifications for why these activities are important, as well as "Teaching Tips," and "Thinking It Through" activities.

    The Using Music Package

    * Streamed listening selections from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Contemporary Periods

    * Get America Singing…Again! Volume 1 (developed in association with the Music Educators National Conference, now NAFME, and other music organizations) with 43 songs that represent America’s varied music heritage of folk, traditional, and patriotic themes

    * Appendices include a songbook with Hispanic folk songs, a recorder music songbook and a guitar unit

    * Companion website hosts various teaching and learning resources