For those of you who are in Texas and participate in UIL competitions, you will note that UIL has set up two Pilots for next year. Here is the "straight scoop" from David Trussell, Assistant Academic Director, Director of A+ Academics for Elementary & Middle School, Texas University Interscholastic League:


“We have some exciting changes in the works for Music Memory. We are pilot testing an expansion of the contest to grade 2, and also to grades 7 and 8. The pilot will be available as an option for UIL districts beginning in 2015-16, which is reflected in the adjustments you'll see on the Official Music Memory List. We’re still working with a core list of 16 pieces each year. For the younger students, we’re narrowing that list to 10 selections. For the older students, we’re including four additional pieces. Since those additional selections are for older students only, we’re also including some pieces in the mix that have been excluded previously because of length. The expansion will initially be in pilot status, meaning it is not yet an official part of the contest. Districts will have the option of participating in the pilot or continuing to use the traditional structure.”


Click HERE to view the official Music Memory List showing the 2nd grade pilot information and the middle school pilot information.