MUSIC MEMORY is a nationally recognized curriculum designed to promote the love and knowledge of classical music through an in-depth study of sixteen great composers, their lives and their music.  Students are exposed to a revolutionary learning approach – unique Animated Listening Maps created in a different style and format for each selection that connect the aural experiences to their visual memories. Music selections are thoroughly learned in an engaging and highly effective way. Students explore the music “from the inside out” – they are helped to actively listen to all the elements of music (melody, harmony, form, timbre, dynamics, etc.) that make each music masterpiece different from all others. Our new teaching components deliver the MUSIC MEMORY curriculum using 21st Century technology. Give a Life-Long Gift ... the LOVE of Classical Music! Learn More


2020-2021 Music Memory Sampler

See what makes Music Memory Music Maps and Lessons different!

New York City Riverside Symphony

See why symphonies across the country are making Music Memory their #1 music education program!

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Jamie Allen, Dallas Symphony