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“Every orchestra in the country should be doing Music Memory, every child should be participating in the Music Memory Program.”

-- Jung–Ho Pak, Artistic Director of the Cape Symphony, Cape Cod, Massachusetts


"Music Memory is a phenomenal program that introduces elementary students to classical music and provides the resources and methods to do so in a deep, engaging and highly effective way.  Music Memory uses a variety of instructional tools—listening maps, recordings, visual tools, student-friendly music history resources, etc.--to enable students to become knowledgeable about a wide range of composers and music compositions from the classical canon."

-- Barbara A. Murray, Director of Music, New York City Department of Education


"The Music Memory Program is designed to provide elementary students in grades 3-6 with exposure to, and a deep understanding and appreciation of, the world's greatest music. The DSO hosts the final round of the Music Memory Competition each year, which features performances by the Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing Arts’ orchestra and choirs, joined onstage by members of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra."

-- Jamie Allen, Director of Education, Dallas Symphony Orchestra


The Music Memory program creates enthusiastic students who dearly love classical music! It is one of the most long lasting, affordable, easy to implement and sustain music education programs in the country. Implementation is easy for small or large orchestras, taking up only 1 service - ½ for rehearsal, ½ for the contest and concert.


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New York City Riverside Symphony

Music Memory Program

Cape Symphony Maestro, Jung-Ho Pak, Endorses the Music Memory Program

Music Memory in Action on the Road!

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