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If you have ever wished to move from a Music Memory Contest using only the CDs the students have studied all year to something much better, here is an Event Guidebook to help you set up and manage your own MUSIC MEMORY LIVE! Event! Note: Texas UIL  endorses live music contests as official UIL events! 


Find an orchestra in your area who would be interested in performing for the final MUSIC MEMORY Program event. Examples of groups used in other cities range from an All-City HS Youth Orchestra to a volunteer civic orchestra, to full-time professional symphony orchestras.


Talk to the Principals, Music Directors and Music Supervisors of your area school district(s) about supporting student participation in the MUSIC MEMORY Program and final event.


Obtain the MUSIC MEMORY Program for the Music Teachers in the School District(s) in Your Area.  Music teachers of Student Participants, usually in Grades 3 – 5/6 but can be in Grades 2 - 8, will need the MUSIC MEMORY TEACHER’S GUIDE.


* The Teacher’s Guide includes our Animated VideoMaps DVD with 16 remarkable animated listening maps that capture your students’ attention from the very first moment as they hear the music for the first time (click here to see the Sampler on the Home page).


* The Teacher’s Guide also contains complete, in-depth Teaching Lessons and Assessments. (click here to go to sample lesson and map)


* The materials need to be purchased each year because the list of selections to be taught changes each year.  (click to go to Elementary or Middle School Products page)


Establish a MUSIC MEMORY LIVE! Facilitator. The Facilitator should establish a budget game plan and explore options for grants if needed. Money amounts should include funds needed to purchase the MUSIC MEMORY LIVE! Conductor’s Score and Orchestra Parts from Mighty Music Publishing (available in paper format for $500 and downloadable digital format for $350), awards for student participants, buses and orchestra fees, if any, and event location rental fee.


Organize the event:


* Meet with teachers in the fall. For the cost of travel and housing, a Mighty Music Publishing representative can provide Professional Development for the teaching staff to get everything rolling in the fall.


* Reserve the event location, schedule buses, organize the seating of student participants and audience, and order awards, trophies and/or ribbons. 


* Pick the two full music selections from the list that will be performed at the event.

* Publicize the event on radio, TV, district websites, etc.


* Choose judges.


Students will work in teams to decide upon the correct answer. Student captains will announce the Team’s Answer over a microphone for all to hear. Judges announce the Correct Answer. Teachers will score the Team Test Papers. NOTE: Judges do not need to be music experts. It is often wise to use District Administrators/Superintendents, Community Music Program Supporters, School Board members, etc.


* Make arrangements for the Stage Set-up including orchestra seating, podium and microphone for the Host, table, chairs, and microphone for Judges, table on stage for Awards, Student Captain microphones (wireless handheld microphones work really well to pass among the student teams), and teacher grading assignments.


* Meet with teachers of participating teams in the spring, approximately one month before the MUSIC MEMORY LIVE! Event to distribute testing and scoring information to teachers. It is very important that teachers PRACTICE GRADING the tests beforehand. Teachers should be well prepared on Scoring Guidelines. For travel and hotel expenses, a Mighty Music Publishing representative can provide this training, and actually Host the MUSIC MEMORY LIVE! Event.


6) Encourage open discussion among Teacher participants, Conductor, and interested stakeholders in order to facilitate careful evaluation after the event.  Talk about what went well and where the challenges arose to strategize and plan for an even better event the following year.


Contact Mighty Music Publishers for assistance and advice for every part of the process! We stand ready to HELP!


LEARN MORE about highly successful programs across the country that can provide inspiration and examples of how MUSIC MEMORY LIVE! Events can work.

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