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"Music Memory is a phenomenal program that introduces elementary students to classical music and provides the resources and methods to do so in a deep, engaging and highly effective way. Music Memory uses a variety of instructional tools—listening maps, recordings, visual tools, student-friendly music history resources, etc.--to enable students to become knowledgeable about a wide range of composers and music compositions from the classical canon.  Ongoing, formative assessments lead to one of the best summative assessment experiences I’ve seen.  After studying the selected repertoire over the course of the school year, students gather at NYU’s Skirball Center for the Performing Arts.  Over the course of an hour, students demonstrate their knowledge and familiarity with each of the pieces.  The entire Riverside Symphony plays short, extremely esoteric passages from each piece.  Classical singers are also brought in for the vocal excerpts. After hearing each excerpt, students confer among themselves and identify the piece.  It’s truly electrifying to see.  Each class receives an award at various levels for their responses.  This culminating assessment takes place in May."


Barbara A. Murray

Director of Music

New York City Department of Education



"This year's music memory materials are the best I've seen! I love that the Magic Maps DVD is compatible to TV & computer; I love the "bubble talk" maps; I love the mini lessons. I love the composer/selection information in Spanish as well as English. Kudos!! I wish you had taken charge years ago; thank you!! Looking forward to the best Music Memory year ever!"

Jo Ellen Fusco
PS 30, New York City



I hope this email finds you well! I was a student of yours at Palm Elementary School from 1991-1995. I just wanted to take some time out to thank you for one of your lessons that still sticks with me today. One year, you had us do an exercise to learn Moonlight Sonata for Music Memory. You turned down all the lights, leaving only the overhead projector on, and you had us all pretend we were animals slowly moving through the jungle to get some water at a "moonlit lagoon". Whenever I've had a stressful day or just want to take some time out to relax, I always put on Moonlight Sonata and it takes me to that day when you transformed a room full of elementary students into one of the most peaceful moments I've ever known. Thank you for that!"

- Dianna V



I just wanted to thank you for introducing the amazing beauty that is music. It was because of you I was able to appreciate and admire it in its many forms. After Sanchez I joined the middle school band where I played percussion and continued on to my high school marching band. Music has given me very great memories and experiences and if not for you I'm not sure that would have happened. I am just messaging you to let you know that you had a great impact on my musical education and that I truly appreciate it. And all those music memory compositions you had us learn, I can honestly say I find myself rattling off some of the Titles and composers if I happen to randomly hear them throughout my day; at times even what key it is in. (Canon in D major ;)) So once again, Thank you! And I hope everything is well!”

- Jason C



“When I saw the number of hands that went up at the contest of students who were hearing a live orchestra for the first time, I was amazed. I was also fascinated by the different students in my classes that really "got into this" and became listening experts. It reached students that I would not have guessed would enjoy this kind of activity. It gave my school a way to honor its musicians like it honors its readers, writers, scientists and mathematicians. 


It does exactly what you said it would do----it instills a love of listening to classical music in elementary students and gives them music that they can keep with them for the rest of their lives. This is worth supporting."

- Debbie B



[Music Memory provides] “the best material resources for kids to have a great classical music connection to the master composers as well as across school curriculum, and many connections to learn very fine classical music that will last a lifetime.” 

– Michelle Q



“Music Memory was my favorite part of music this year.” 




“Parents of my students are completely unfamiliar with classical music. I put CD’s of music in the library for the kids to check out. One of the neatest things for me to hear numerous students tell me ‘my parents really liked Symphony #6’ or ‘Rigoletto was my Dad’s favorite piece on the CD!’ Wow – families are listening to these great pieces together!” 

– Amber D



Praise from Music Memory Students


Here are just a few of the many written letters we've received from students that have used Music Memory and how the program has taught them to appreciate all types of music. Simply click on each of the links below to see these amazing accolades!


Group A

Group B

Group C


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