Celebrate Diversity

Representation matters.

Help your students see themselves in your classroom today.


Included in the 2021-2022 Diversity Listening Supplement:

  • 2020 Composer of the Year, Joan Tower - Fanfare for the Uncommon Woman #1

  • First Black musician to conduct a professional symphony in the United States, William Grant-Still - Symphony No. 1

  • Medieval Period female composer and prophetess, Hildegard von Bingen – Antiphon: Studium divinitatis

  • Decorated Spanish composer who wrote his compositions in braille, Joaquín Rodrigo - Fantasía para un gentilhombre

  • Digital Download containing 4 Recordings of music selections, PDF & PNG files with materials for 4 selections - Color & B/W Listening Maps, Complete Lesson Plans, Wall Signs, Composer Portraits, AND MIGHTY LESSON KITS containing video presentations of Composer Cards, Video Lessons highlighting key musical elements, Animated VideoMaps and a Quick Quiz.

Composers look like...

You and Me!

What does a composer do? What does a composer look like? Where do they live? Many students still picture a white man in a puffy wig and a ruffled shirt when they
think of a “composer.”

Each selection in our Diversity Listening Supplement contains a Video Presentation with Composer Card, Mini Lesson - highlighting key musical elements, Animated VideoMap (animation done by a video game professional) and a Quick Quiz. A PDF Lesson Plan includes Background Information on the Composer and the Music, Listening Map, Wall Poster, Composer Portrait, Activity Page, Checking for Understanding and Notated Theme. The Video Presentation is included as an mp4 and as a YouTube link for easy use in online Learning Management Systems.

Diversity Listening Supplement is available for $45 by itself, or $25 as an Add-On to any Music Memory teacher's guide package.