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We want to share with you the innovative approach we have developed to engage students (grade 3 – HS) in preparation to attend a live opera event. These materials were created in complete collaboration with the outstanding staff at Austin Opera. To learn more about this product and collaboration, or to inquire about purchase of the complete Carmen teaching package for your organization, contact Mollie Tower, Mighty Music Publishing,


The materials feature NEW Interactive Listening Maps to draw students’ attention to the story, the form of the music, the rhythm, the words, etc. in an engaging format. Here is the Austin Opera Sampler of the 3 custom-made maps – Prelude, Habanera, and Toreador Song




The new ACCESS OPERA: Carmen curriculum package in PDF format is an innovative multi-media based unit, complete with standards-aligned lessons, activities, assessments and beautiful Animated Listening Maps. An attention-grabbing online Teacher PowerPoint is also available for easy-to-use class presentations of all the curriculum components mentioned below. It includes:


  • Complete Lesson Plans

  • Background Information in English and Spanish

  • Wall Posters of Selection Titles and Composer Portrait

  • Notated Themes

  • Checking for Understanding Questions

  • Performance Activities (play-a-long and sing-a-long)

  • Story Synopsis

  • Audience Etiquette Guide

  • Activity Pages

  • SEL (Social-Emotional Learning) Connections                      

  • Vocabulary List with Definitions


Visit the Austin Opera Education Website for more information!

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