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Basic Teacher Flashdrive with Mighty PowerPoint Lessons (25) PH

Teacher’s Guide Flashdrive including:

The MIGHTY LESSON KIT containing 16 video presentations of Composer and Selection Information, Video Mini Lesson highlighting key musical elements, Animated VideoMap and a Quick Quiz. Also includes the Recordings of 16 music selections and Theme Bank, Recordings of Practice Test Tracks, Videos for Kinesthetic Titles and Movement Activities, PDFs with materials for 16 selections - Color & B/W Listening Maps, Complete Lesson Plans, Wall Posters, Composer Portraits, Puzzles & Review Activities, Practice Testing Materials and Movement Activities


The Mighty PowerPoint Lessons (Download) containing 16 PowerPoint presentations that combine the MIGHTY LESSON KIT video presentation, Setting the Stage Activity, Kinesthetic Title Video, Movement Activity Video, Words to Theme Video and Live Performance and Alternate Version Performance Links.

Basic Teacher Flashdrive with Mighty PowerPoint Lessons (25) PH


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